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Start Your Own Private Investigator Business Today

Quite briefly, I'd like to tell you that I've been a private investigator for over twenty years and recently retired, up to a point. I want to tell you about the possibilities of a private investigator business opportunity, exactly what that means and then you can decide whether or not it is the right choice for you.

All of the big firms rarely use in-house staff to effect their briefs. They've got to the top, don't want to compromise themselves and in any case have no idea, for example, how to trace a money laundering racket across the world. Well that's fine and you could go try getting a job with such an outfit but you'll still just be a simple salesman with little knowledge of how things are done at the sharp end.

Want to know how to blag someone's account details from a bank, any bank, anywhere in the world? I want to tell you how. Firstly and most firmly, do not try using an accent unless you are truly proficient. Even bank officials don't fall for lame dialects. Just get on the phone as you would to any of your friends or family and start asking questions. If at first you do not succeed, just put the handset back on its receiver, or cradle, and try again with somebody else. Do you have a fax machine or even better know one that's safely stored in a secure location? Get on the dog ('dog' = 'dog and bone' = 'phone') and get busy. Make friends with someone who works for a bank and get to know their jargon. If you know the buzz name for the computer network they use they will very likely assume (if it's the presumption you direct them towards) that you are from another branch.

There is so much rubbish out there about private investigators and a private investigator business opportunity. Most private investigators have little or no idea what they are doing; I know because there have been many times I have subcontracted to investigators and didn't pay them them diddly because that's what they did. Right, you've a got surveillance job on a target address. Do you make sure you're on location by six in the morning and stay there all day, if needs be, to see who emerges? Or, as an alternative, do you just pop by for an hour or two here and there and charge your contractor time for travel and fuel? I will leave you to ponder that one. Fathom the depths and see what you come up with.

Okay, the big money is in money tracing and I've succeeded around the world. But I started off doing surveillance and serving court papers and the both of those can be great fun at times. I used to think that private investigations was pretty much like any other job, but it really is not.

A private investigator business opportunity is like no other. But please learn before you leap. Fine, take a look at the courses on offer, some of which I'm sure are great in their own way. But try and get a job with someone who knows what he's doing first.

Yep, it's not always an easy job and can often be dangerous but it might just be for you.